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The Economic Benefits of Strong Wireless Connections


The Internet has changed how we work, socialize, and communicate. Businesses have new avenues to expand  horizons, and institutions have found more effective ways to become more productive. Many industries have transformed as a result, such as healthcare, education, real estate, finance, and more. 

We’ve all experienced these changes on a daily basis, and the impact has been visible on local, national, and global levels. As the adoption of mobile broadband Internet increases, and its usage becomes widespread, individuals, institutions, and countries can accelerate their economic growth and productivity. There have been many studies completed on this topic over in recent years by organizations such as Deloitte, GSMA, Cisco, World Bank, and others.

Broadband Connectivity Leads to Additional Opportunities

According to World Bank: “Broadband is not just an infrastructure. It is a general purpose technology that can fundamentally restructure an economy.” For example, many technology organizations have jumped at partnering with different carriers across the world, especially within underdeveloped and developing economies. By making technology and the Internet available to the larger population, there are additional opportunities! Facebook, Google, and other major platforms are among the frontrunners of providing Internet access to all. World Bank also found that every 10 percent rise in broadband penetration resulted in a 1.21 percent GDP increase.

Within developed nations, omnipresent connectivity is fast becoming a requirement and expectation. As businesses are increasingly dependent on high-speed broadband services for their operations, the importance of mobile broadband developed economies is just as significant. High-tech organizations relying on technology and their business continuity is almost fully dependent on access to connectivity—of all forms and capacities.

How All Types of Organizations Can Impact the Economy Through Connectivity

From high-tech businesses, to local, state, and federal governments, to nonprofits, to emerging businesses, each organization an impact on the economy. Large, high-tech corporations bring high-paying jobs to the community, which in turn boost tax revenues. With several businesses located in downtown areas and other central districts, many businesses can boost their performance and productivity through reliable and digital environments. 

Tourist destinations can improve visitor experiences through high-speed wireless networks and empowering them to interact and share their experiences through social media, thus attracting more visitors. Similarly, public safety and first responders also heavily rely on wired and wireless broadband connections. From iPads for seamless digital transactions, to enterprises increasingly dependent on wireless connectivity, there is no doubt that mobile broadband is a very pivotal component of economic development.  

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