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Nearly one-third of Americans live in Multifamily homes, and 77% of Americans are “wireless-only.” These studies, completed by the National Center for Health Statistics and American Housing Survey, point to the increasing demand for a wirelessly connected world in multifamily buildings.


Living in a community with robust wireless coverage is no longer a luxury, but a requirement for most people today. Airtower Networks works with property owners to design, build, own, and operate wireless network solutions that exceed the #1 demand for Renters: Seamless Connectivity.

  • Seamless Connectivity Increases NOI with lease renewals and rent increases.
  • Airtower Networks offers advanced mobile technologies including 5G, LTE, and IoT to tenants
  • Reduce Network Operating Costs with Airtower Networks managed systems. 
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Multifamily Connectivity Solutions

Implementing a robust cellular enhancement system is the best way to guarantee high-quality indoor wireless service.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), more devices will need to collect and exchange data through Wi-Fi networks.

Building-wide mandated emergency responder radio coverage systems to protect the lives of first responders.

Connect smart building features using our managed wifi systems and offer your Residents a fully integrated smart building app.

Why Partner with Airtower Networks? 


Proven Experience

Airtower's management team has over 100 years of working experience in the wireless telecommunications industry providing cutting-edge telecom infrastructure partners with well over 100 clients across the United States. 


Trusted Partner

Airtower is a stable, private equity-backed company providing its services to major clients including Fortune 50 companies, the nation's largest Real Estate Developers, General Contractors, Enterprise Customers, and Federal Government. 


Nationally & Locally Ranked

Airtower Networks was named one of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America by Inc. Magazin. Locally, Airtower ranked in the top 1% of companies headquartered in Washington, DC. 

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