Government facilities face the threat each day of securing confidential information. Because of this, the demand for secured and firewalled wireless networks among high-risk environments such as local, state and federal agencies has never been greater.


Many government agencies are now relying on dependable wireless networks which safeguard information being transmitted. We offer the experience and knowledge to implement a secure wireless network in a government venue, where data privacy is of the greatest concern.

Implementing a robust cellular enhancement system is the only way to guarantee high-quality indoor wireless service, a secure connection for safeguarding your valuable information, and peace-of-mind knowing your data remains private.

With a mission critical Public Safety DAS network, not only will you be able to safeguard your most confidential information, but you’ll be able to safeguard the lives of first responders as well as regular citizens. A Public Safety DAS is also a requirement in most government building to receive their certificate of occupancy.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), government buildings need to remain on the forefront of innovation. And, with our robust Commercial Wi-Fi network, you’ll have the ability to collect and exchange data through secure Wi-Fi networks.

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