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5G: The Future of Cellular Connectivity

If you were to ask a car enthusiast to choose between a really fast car, and a super-fast Internet, which would you think they'd pick? Surprisingly one enthusiast we spoke with said: “Supercharged cars make me smile ear to ear, but only when I'm out on the road. The rest of the time, living with slow Internet is like a slow-death. Difficult options, but I'd pick the supercharged Internet instead.”

We currently live in a world in which we're choosing virtual realities over physical realities. Many in the technology space are fascinated and drawn to all speed types. We want low-latency networks, faster devices, quicker processes, application accelerators, and everything in real-time. Technology has made herculean jumps, especially over the past decade. Every new gadget, product, and technology has been more than just an improvement. This also has been the case regarding the advent of 5G connectivity.

5G: More Than Just a Speed Upgrade

Just as users became comfortable with 4G, mobile phone carriers have fully embraced 5G networks. When compared with 3G, 4G felt like a marathon runner. Now, with the proliferation of connected devices demanding highly mobile Internet connections and speeds, 5G is the new “sprinter.”

With the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, 5G can handle more devices than its predecessors—even when several users join the network simultaneously. It’s more than just a speed upgrade.

5G Will Co-Exist With Strong WiFi Connections

It's natural to think 5G might replace WiFi; however, the two will co-exist for the ultimate indoor communications platform. In-building WiFi technology will play a supplemental role to 5G, but in a very unique way. It will be more about connecting devices and sensors through a new approach of fundamental in-building networking technology.

At one point, 5G was a distant possibility—but now with improved connections, faster speeds, and consistent reception, it's becoming the norm for necessary in-building infrastructures.

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