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The Benefits of In-Building Wireless for Commercial Property Developers

As competition within the commercial property industry is always fierce due to market conditions, new technologies, and other trends, property owners and developers must therefore always be looking to move forward.

With new developments often coinciding with tenant satisfaction, many features that were once considered amenities must now be standard. This includes robust in-building wireless and cellular reception, smart technologies, and more.

Of course, developers can continue offering patios, pools, 24/7 security, executive lounges, and other “perks.” While all these are nice to have, commercial and residential tenants really just want strong cellular and wireless infrastructures. Unfortunately, this often skips the list, as awareness still needs to be brought to the forefront.

Below we'll discuss the importance of strong in-building wireless, and why it's a necessity for today's modern commercial properties.

Indoor Cellular Solutions: A Modern-Day ‘Must-Have’

We’ve previously discussed how strong in-building wireless has become an ongoing challenge. This is mainly due to dense construction materials such as concrete, stone, and LEED-certified glass—all of which are designed to resist force and prevent damage. Oftentimes, these materials are impenetrable when it comes to wireless signals. Therefore, a strong, robust connection level with minimal interruptions and guaranteed indoor cell reception is truly a “must-have” for business and daily quality of life.

In-Building Wireless as a Standard Form of Communication

Regardless of the obstacles faced by today’s workforces, many property developers fail to deliberate on this, and consider cellular wireless in the same manner as other utilities. Planning, introducing and provisioning in-building cellular wireless solutions as a standard—at a very early development stage—is crucial for today's cutting-edge facility. This not only brings immense tenant value, it also makes it twice as efficient (and easier), when compared with provisioning and installing the solution post-completion.

The Importance of Consistent Wireless & 5G Cellular Coverage

In-building cellular wireless coverage has now become just as important as HVAC systems, lighting, and mobile devices. Many property developers are now just realizing a necessary understanding of planning and installation during the early stages of other construction components.

Working in a commercial complex with a robust cellular wireless coverage can no longer be considered a luxury. Airtower Networks can assist with Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Small Cells, Wi-Fi, and others, in the primitive construction phase. This will cut costs, as well as provide efficiencies and the ability to charge premium-level rents.

Airtower Networks provides customized solutions such as cellular, managed WiFi, private LTE, and more for seamless in-building connectivity, enhanced productivity, and a competitive bottom line. Connect with us today to commence your wireless networking journey!