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Why Robust, In-Building Wireless Is a Must-Have for Commercial Property Owners

A multi-tenanted building and a strong cell-signal: two opposite sides of a coin that never meet. Haven’t we all been there, and so often?

The average American spends around 93 percent of their lives indoors. Whether indoors comprises apartments, commercial offices, industrial premises, shopping centers, hotels, and more, many of these indoor sites are missing reliable in-building cellular coverage. When communicating via mobile device, it's best practice to have strong, in-building cellular reception. That last thing you want is reliance on residual leftovers from carrier signals.

What Are the Causes of Poor Cellular Coverage?

What is it about interior space that is a challenge for comprehensive cellular coverage? Oftentimes, today's buildings are constructed with energy efficiencies and green initiatives. While these are positive features, these materials can be challenging for cellular tower penetration.

These include concrete foundations and brick walls, as well as LEED-certified glass windows. Essentially, many construction materials are fighting against the signals. Critical indoor voice communications are intrinsic elements for businesses, therefore positioning this technology as a must-have for seamless connectivity and guaranteed indoor cellular reception.

The Benefits of Effective, In-Building Wireless

As cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become integral parts of conducting business, and critical tools of today’s communications, the need for effective, in-building wireless (IBW) is becoming more prevalent.

As both our professional and personal lives depend more on mobile devices, it’s inevitable for IBW to gain traction. More landlords and real estate developers are also recognizing this is paramount to keeping tenants connected and happy.

Whether unreliable indoor cellular coverage, dropped calls, or both, poor IBW coverage can be detrimental for building owners, especially regarding lease terms and conditions. This is also a concern related to public safety matters, when reliable, efficient communications are crucial to dispatching first responders..

An Opportunity for IT Integrators and Service Providers

As mobile devices are more and more prevalent, high-speed data services are the backbone of the wireless communications landscape within residential apartments, commercial buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, and other building types. Therefore, IT integrators have an opportunity to provide strong in-building coverage, paired with capacity strong enough to support all current connectivity needs.

Not only is this an opportunity to build a strong foundation for the modern connectivity necessities and remain competitive, it can also provide a competitive edge for landlords and property managers when negotiating leasing agreements. Tenants will also be more inclined to agree to a justified rent increase if it means they will be guaranteed effective, indoor wireless coverage and fewer dropped calls.

Airtower Networks provides customized solutions such as cellular, managed WiFi, private LTE, and more for seamless in-building connectivity, enhanced productivity, and a competitive bottom line. Connect with us today to commence your wireless networking journey!