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How Building Owners Can Benefit From the Internet of Things (IoT)

Today's modern building owners and facility managers are heavily investing in several new technologies such as Smart Buildings. Also sometimes referred to as “Building Automations” or “Building Intelligence,” a newer industry buzzword is “Building Internet of Things,” or Buildings IoT.  

In addition to smart technologies, Buildings IoT is designed to boast more advanced sensors, devices, things, and objects into the network. Therefore, it’s no surprise building owners and property managers—especially with sizable real estate portfolios—are excited about these prospects.

The Benefits of Smart Buildings

While smart building solutions are the building blocks of IoT, they undoubtedly were the cornerstone to what’s yet to come. As a key component of connected smart devices, tenants now require smart IoT connections for in-building conveniences. And, with Big Data analytics, adjustments and automations can be handled without human intervention.

While all industries will likely be impacted, the commercial real estate industry is positioned to experience major benefits.

While intelligent buildings had some influence on commercial real estate, Buildings IoT will largely improve efficiencies. This sector is uniquely positioned by creating immense customer value, enhanced competitive differentiations, and new revenue opportunities.

The interest and fascination with IoT is creating a strong foothold for rapid technology growth, thus transporting the commercial real estate sector into a new era of user-friendly building design, operation, and management.

IoT is positioned for improved tenant quality of life and employee productivity, as well as several value-adds. These include 365/24/7 building security, higher energy efficiencies, and lower tenant churn rates. Many property managers and owners have also experienced increased revenue streams and profitability.

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