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Why Advanced Wireless Technologies Are Necessary to Meet Public-Sector Challenges

For any government agency, strong, reliable, and secure in-building wireless connectivity for clients, employees, and visitors is vital. Security measures to control the exchange of information is necessary. Cumbersome network, device management and onboarding processes hampers the network and also creates broad security risks.

With strict procurement rules leading to costly and ineffective multi-year networking contracts, this could lead to further delays and challenges.

According to a Government Business Council poll, 51 percent of federal employees rated their organization's in-building wireless as “poor” or “very poor.” Further, 63 percent said this was worse than other buildings and spaces. Forty-eight percent added that poor WiFi interferes with daily productivity.

Updated Wireless: A ‘Must-Have’ for Governments & Federal Agencies

There’s no denying the majority of governments and federal agencies are far behind the private sector, but this doesn't have to be! While upgrading networks, agencies should enlist with in-building wireless partners offering upgraded, secure, commercial networks. 

New and improved wireless technology solutions designed meet the challenges of government are necessary to enable new customization features, reduce administrative overhead and complexity, and improved security. Leveraging the latest technology will not only improve the user experience, but also simplify management and cost reduction.

Airtower Networks provides customized solutions such as cellular, managed WiFi, private LTE, and more for seamless in-building connectivity, enhanced productivity, and a competitive bottom line. Connect with us today to commence your wireless networking journey!