Nearly one-half of American homes (49.3%) are “wireless-only.” This study, completed by the National Center for Health Statistics, is one of many worldwide surveys that point to an increasingly wirelessly connected world.


Doing away with landline telephones, cable TV, and cable internet services lead to tremendous savings for the average American family each month. Finding and living in a community with robust wireless coverage is no longer a luxury, but a requirement for most people today.


Airtower Networks works with building owners, property managers, and tenants to design and install the best wireless solution and coverage based on your needs.

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Today, 96% of consumers use smartphones instead of landlines. Implementing a robust cellular enhancement system is the best way to guarantee high-quality indoor wireless service.

As well as being a requirement in most states nationwide and is often needed for buildings to receive their certificate of occupancy, our Public Safety DAS networks help save the lives of first responders as well as the lives of citizens they have sworn to protect.

With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), more devices will need to collect and exchange data through Wi-Fi networks. A robust Commercial Wi-Fi network is essential for the demand, profitability, and prosperity of your property.

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