We’re building one of the most honest, hard-working, humble and innovative companies in the wireless industry.

A message from our CEO & Founder/President


*Pictured on left is Oliver Valente our CEO and right is Manny Dureja our Founder & President

“By adopting this vision from its inception, Airtower Networks has successfully and exclusively deployed in-building wireless connectivity to tens of millions of square feet for building owners, property managers, and enterprises in densely populated metro areas. We are well-positioned to grow our in-building wireless business and expand with mobile network operators for 5G and beyond.”

– Oliver Valente, CEO

“Airtower’s vision is to enable the millions of wireless connections needed now and in the future by Building Owners, Property Managers, Enterprises, and Mobile Network Operators for smart building applications and their end users. We’re building the most innovate wireless systems in the nation to lower the cost point at which mobile operators can deliver 5G connectivity to their subscribers.”

– Manny Dureja, Founder & President