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Top Considerations When Choosing a Connectivity Service Provider

Whether at work or play, digital communication and data transfer are foundational to how we live today. A robust indoor cellular network is a must-have to support our vast online activity, whether it’s at work, school, home, or doctor's office.

Identifying the right connectivity service provider is essential to ensuring your cellular network is customized, adaptable, and scalable to meet your unique requirements, today and in the future.

Here are some of the top considerations for selecting a indoor connectivity provider.

Proven In-House Design & Engineering Process

A proven process grounded in extensive experience with deep in-house resources is crucial to successfully planning, designing, and implementing network solutions that align with project-driven technical and operational requirements. 

Essential steps include assessing the environment, choosing appropriate technologies, delivering network reliability and coverage, and, importantly, effectively integrating new solutions with existing infrastructure. 

Leverages Consolidation for Cost Savings 

When a service provider thoroughly understands the diverse needs of network end users, they can optimize network design to meet varying demands, which can lead to cost savings through consolidation and efficiency measures. This can include:

  • Prioritizing high-bandwidth connections in critical areas 
  • Consolidating hardware and software infrastructure 
  • Implementing a layered security approach across different network access levels 
  • Investing in components that provide easy upgrades or expansions 

Measures such as these prevent network overbuilding, reduce infrastructure costs, and better position the network for scaling. 

Strong Relationships With Wireless Carriers

Strong relationships with wireless carriers facilitate better coordination throughout the project lifecycle by leveraging a deep understanding of carrier operations. This can translate into expedited design approvals, as providers can more effectively anticipate and align with carrier requirements. 

Additionally, by fostering strong ties with local carrier engineering and deployment teams, service providers can swiftly navigate on-the-ground challenges and manage resources efficiently. This streamlined collaboration helps ensure project timelines are well managed and project delivery is on time.

Understanding of Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) Permitting

Securing jurisdictional approvals and permits impacts a project’s timeline, budget, and regulatory compliance. Projects often need multiple approvals from various entities, including local municipalities and state or provincial authorities, each with distinct criteria and protocols. 

Successfully navigating this complex process hinges on a service provider’s comprehensive understanding of the requirements and procedures. Experience, clear communication, and positive collaboration are imperative for providers to address potential conflicts or overlaps in jurisdiction and ensure the efficient acquisition of all necessary permits. 

State Licensing & Certification

To ensure reliability and adherence to industry best practices, a service provider should have the necessary licenses to operate legally within the jurisdiction, demonstrating compliance with local regulations and standards. Additionally, it's essential they partner with equipment providers that hold relevant certifications, guaranteeing the quality, compatibility, and performance of the wireless networking equipment being deployed. 

Managing All-Party Coordination

Achieving effective coordination across all parties is key to project success. Service providers can facilitate seamless communication among all stakeholders, especially with client IT or telecom project lead, internal staff, and engineering teams, to ensure alignment with project goals and timelines. 

Additionally, the provider must uphold a culture of respect and consideration toward end users in work zones, minimizing disruptions and fostering a positive experience throughout the deployment.

On-Staff Network Support

On-staff network support is a critical consideration in service provider selection that’s often overlooked. While project design, planning, and deployment are vital milestones, the post-installation phase is equally significant: Who will service and support the network once it goes live? 

Many service providers falter in this aspect, leaving clients without adequate assistance for the systems they've just installed. Without reliable service-provider support, client teams may be burdened with responsibilities beyond their expertise, leading to potential inefficiencies and frustrations. 

Preferred Solution Structure

Selecting a service provider offering a solution responsive to business challenges, like managing complex networks with limited resources, can make all the difference. An inclusive and cost-effective connectivity-as-a-service model can provide a turnkey solution managed by experienced network service providers. 

With an end-to-end solution encompassing installation services, upgrades, and remote network monitoring, businesses benefit from comprehensive support throughout the network lifecycle. Additionally, the convenience of a long-term contract and scalability to enterprise-level plans make this option especially attractive.

Partnering With an Industry Leader

Selecting the right connectivity service provider is crucial to equipping your organization with a wireless network that not only meets but surpasses your specific needs.

Airtower Networks stands out as a premier choice. With over 150 years of collective experience in in-building network operations, Airtower’s leadership ensures deep industry knowledge and strategic insight. 

As a Vizient Awarded Supplier, trusted by Fortune 50 companies, top hospitals, major real estate developers, and the federal government, Airtower has proven its capability to deliver high-quality wireless solutions across more than 150 million square feet of building coverage. Additionally, Airtower’s comprehensive offerings make it a one-stop shop for all your connectivity needs, including neutral host cellular, privately managed WiFi, and public safety networks, all in connectivity-as-a-service solutions.

Choosing Airtower means working with a provider that not only understands the complexities of indoor wireless networks but also values and prioritizes your organization's specific connectivity demands. 

With Airtower, you have a trusted partner who is fully equipped to navigate the intricacies of network implementation and ensure a seamless, efficient, and adaptable wireless communication solution for your organization.

AirTower offers customized solutions such as 5G cellular, managed WiFi, private LTE, and more to industries ranging from healthcare and hospitality to commercial and governmental. We provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that provide seamless in-building connectivity, enhance their productivity, and improve their bottom line. Contact us today for a quote.